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WatchGuard Technologies

WatchGuard Technologies, an industry leader in network security, produces firewall protection devices and applications used to safeguard networks from potential security threats.

The following pieces show a selection of design work that was created for marketing and sales efforts and which were used to promote the company’s products and applications as well as to provide technical information to their users.

The concept for this ad shows a person lost on a mountain to suggest that without network security provided by WatchGuard Technologies, you’re out of luck.

This postcard was part of a campaign designed to entice users to switch from a competitor product to WatchGuard’s new product Firebox X.

A selection of icons for various network security topics used to accompany an ongoing series of news articles.

An information graphic that explains the authorization policies for WatchGuard’s Firebox devices.

An information graphic which describes how WatchGuard’s devices protect networks from intrusion.

A diagram used to show how networks utilized by education institutions can be configured using WatchGuard’s devices.

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