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Shoreline Community College

In an effort to better define and communicate its core traits and attributes, Shoreline Community College undertook the development of a new brand platform and the adoption of a tagline, Engage. Achieve. Once these had been established, the college then needed to create a brand identity system and guidelines that would reflect its new brand platform.

Working in collaboration with the Director of Communications and Marketing, a new brand identity system was developed which included establishing the typography, color palette and photographic style that reflected the traits and attributes defined in the brand platform. In addition, a new version of the college’s logo was designed incorporating the new tagline as well as lock-ups of the logo with department names.

Once the elements of the brand identity had been approved, detailed guidelines and recommendations for usage were then written for each component of the identity. The guidelines document was then designed based on a grid structure which allowed for clear organization and consistent layout of the content. The written guidelines and brand platform were then incorporated together with the components of the brand identity into the final brand guidelines document.

As a result, Shoreline Community College’s new brand identity system was praised by its faculty and staff for accomplishing the college’s objective of reflecting its core traits and attributes and the guidelines helped to ensure that its identity would be applied correctly and consistently.

The images below show a selection of pages from the guidelines. To view and download the entire document, please click here for a PDF, or visit Shoreline Community College’s Identity Guidelines page.

Project Duties

Brand Identity Development